Monday, March 9, 2009

Constance Towers' New Official Web Site

Hi all!

Sorry to have been absent from my "Spinelli Duties" as of late, but GH has not been far from my thoughts! That's because I have taken over the duties of designing/operations for the official web site of Constance Towers (Helena Cassadine).

Constance Towers Official Web Site

As you may or may not know, Connie will be returning as Helena in April! I will be having lunch with her in a couple of weeks, so I'm HOPING she might at least give me a "yes or no" on whether we might be blessed with a Helena/Spinelli scene or two. How great would THAT be!

Thank you, Penny, for letting me post about the new site, even though it's not technically "Bradford" related. Connie's publicist and I are working hard to spread the word around the internet. Sadly, a fan snatched the domain, but it is NOT her official web site, so we're trying to get the new site out to all the major publications, fan sites, etc.

I promise to share some thoughts on all this Spinelli action we've had lately as well. Wow - seems times they are a' changin'!

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