Monday, March 30, 2009

What Happens in Chi-Town...

Stays in Chi-Town...

All right guys. I have returned from the event. It was a blast. Bradford (along with some audience members) did karaoke and played charades. It was a lot of fun. weekend ever kind of fun. Bradford put SO much effort into the whole thing, writing on his clothes & doing the karoke and charades games. I believe everyone really appreciated the show he put on.

Just so you know, his introduction was a little different than usual. He did a little strip tease. ;) As for spoilers, not much in that regard. If you read his interview from a few nights ago that was linked on this site, that's basically what he said in regard to story. So, nothing new, same old information. He seems chill about it all. We all just kind of chit chatted about stuff and it was a very light hearted ,stress free environment. There were the usual questions about who writes his lines and how he memorizes info, etc...I asked him if Spinell and Helena were going to have scenes cuz she's a badass and he said that would be awesome. Also...He said Santa Claus is not a Diva (Steph asked). LOL.

At the end we got a group photo. Bradford also took a picture and talked with an abosolutely precious little boy and it was probably the highlight of the day.

Great adventure. Please accept that this is as much of a recap as I will be doing. You guys know if I had some sort of mindblowing thing that needed to be mentioned I'd bring it up. If you take this information anywhere you will feel the wrath of the Goth God Zune.


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Anonymous said...

I was there. First fan event I had ever been to.. ever. He was fantastic, such fun and I agree he put a ton of effort into the whole day. Great time!!
Don't know how to set up an "account" so I'll just have to be annoymous... aka Karen :)