Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend Question.

Whats your dream Spinelli back story?


Anonymous said...

If anyone of the back stories were true then the whole Spinelli character would be a lie from the start. Spinelli's character doesn't need a deep dark past. They should explore his past and even throw in some childhood trauma or something to explain why he is who he is, but keep Spinelli the same lovable trusting person.

Penny said...

I don't know how any o the are lies except for the agent one LOL.. The others he would still be himself. If new useless characters can be attached to GH history why can't my spinny LOL. TO think the dog Logan will always be Scotty son still makes me sick.

The questions are suppose to be fun :P regardless..

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I like the Dante one because it would give Spinelli a backstory plus it would mean a new guy wouldn't need to be hired to play Dante unless they made it to where Dante looked like Spin's evil twin.(think how Spin looked when he was Damian with the aussie accent.)

I also like the Helena one because it would make Spin a Cassadine.

And I also like other because I have a dream storyline where Spinelli is Ric's son. Basically Ric getting Spin's mother who wouldn't be on the show having died or abandoned him---pregnant while they were in highschool.

Anonymous said...

@ Penny

Lie was a poor choice of words, it would've been more accurate to say it would change his character from the one we know.

If he's Dante that would make him Sonny's son and he will be pulled into Sonny's crazy world. Same goes if he's connected to Helena since she's crazy he would be pulled into her craziness.