Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rainbow Dim?

I was kind of excited yesterday to see a genuinely friendly-looking interaction between Lulu and Spinelli. They haven't had one of those in awhile. Even though she was giggling at Spin's worries over Maximista and "The Former Mob Prince" going out on yet another "non-date," JMB definitely played it more like the nervous laughter of someone trying to convince THEMSELVES that what they are saying is true instead of the "oh Spinelli, you're such a DORK" way she has done in the past. I love the Spinmax pairing SO much more from a romantic perspective, but I would certainly love for Lulu and Spin to get back to a normal, healthy friendship again. If Jax and Alexis and Jason and Carly can have these platonic friendships, why not these two?

Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy yesterday's scene as fully as I'd like to because of this:

Seriously? A 1970's Rainbow Brite shirt? REALLY?

Seriously, her outfits of late. Who did she piss off in the wardrobe department? Isn't it bad enough they've ruined a legacy character by making her into a shrill harpy who sneers constantly, but they have to have her do it in BAD FASHION? Then you bring in Maxie in her cuter-than-cute trendy outfits, and it's all the worse. Even Spinelli is dressing better than her now!



Lindsay_007 said...

Holy Crap. Nice Catch there, Rene.

Rene' said...

Can you believe that? Not that her shirt was the worst thing about yesterday's episode. I think Sonny telling Claudia to "hurry up because I need it" and the whole creepy nasty soft-core-porn scenes were way worse, but the shirt was pretty distracting in that SCENE anyway. LOL!

Penny said...

Do you have issues with Rainbow brite . I mean Rene'e its rainbow bite

Rene' said...

But it's LULU trying to BE Rainbow BRITE! Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When did I start loathing Lulu so much? Not cool.

Anonymous said...

I don't find LuLu that bad. She is the way she is because her whole relationship with Johnny is based on the fact that he wanted to leave the mob willingly. She now sees that's not the case deep down. On top of all the Maxie stuff as well I think her attitude is justified.

As far as the shirt everything old is new again in fashion, at least she wasn't wearing a happy face shirt.

Comparing a Claudia/Sonny scene to soft core porn is an insult to soft core porn.

Rene' said...

Lulu has been going wrong in many ways that have nothing to do with Johnny, though that's her latest reason to be a bee-yotch. Her "I want to be just like Carly" parade that started last year was the beginning of the end for me.

I understand that trends tend to recycle after about 20-25 years, but some things should just be left dead. LOL!

Anything with Sonny and Claudia is an insult. Ack.

Anonymous said...

@ Rene'

I just started recently watching GH for Spixie and usually fast forward past all the other stuff, so was unaware of LuLu's past actions. That said regardless of what she's done in the past I think she is justified in her attitude towards Johnny now.

Rene' said...

I can certainly see how someone just starting to watch GH would feel Lulu's attitude is justified. I probably would, too, without the history. It's harder when you've watched her spiral downhill and become such a shrew over the past year and a half or so. When you kind of know the history of Lulu and Johnny from way back, plus Spin and Lulu - it's hard. I wish I felt more like you because she's Luke and Laura's DAUGHTER, for goodness sake! Sigh...

Penny said...

Rene' be fair she has also been better the last few weeks :) Then she had been the past year and a half before that LOL..

Gary said...

JMB is HOT!!! Her whole look is way above all skin and bones Kirsten. The shirt wasn't even something I noticed. Personally I'm hoping we get some SpinLu friendship/revenge type sex!!!!!

Personally just like Maxie, Georgie, Nadine and Leyla. Lulu is a lot more tolerable with Spinelli. I've been enjoying their scenes again. If it was up to me. I would start the SpinLu friendship up again and have Maxie get all jealous over the things she sees them doing together. Like I said above. Friendship sex would be fine too.