Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hot Spoiler.!!

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Ok you know I don't post spoilers very often but I had to post this. I read it on both a message board and some soap magazine nether I have the link or name for.

Spinelli is going to off Sonny and take over the mob. He will shot him between the eyes after Sonny calls him freaky boy again.

Then he will frame Johnny for the murder. When thats finished then he will slowly take over control of the Port Charles mob. They won't even whats going on till its too late.


Jenna said...

haha nice April Fools Day joke!


Anonymous said...

Very funny! That's not the Spinelli we all know and love. :oP

Rene' said...

Is it wrong that I want this to be true? Not that Spinelli takes over the mob but that someone shoots Sonny between the eyes?

Penny said...

hey I read it some where.. its got to be true and Sonny so deserves to get shot between the eyes.