Friday, May 13, 2011

Spinelli January 2011 Recap

At the beginning of January, Spinelli barged into Diane’s office while she was in the middle of a meeting with Theo Hoffman. Of course Theo wasn’t pleased, and was even more unpleased when Spinelli sneezed. Theo was afraid of getting his germs. He threatened to stop working on the Brenda/Dante case. Diane, naturally praised Spinelli and how brilliant he is and Theo didn’t quit. What comes next is the start of the writing of the Spinelli book (I should have known better that GH/ABC was going to take a beloved character, pimp the book through the fan favorite character of Spinelli and actor and not actually show the character involved in a storyline at the time the book was released…more on that at a later date and time)

Spinelli had a brilliant idea. He asked Diane to help him write a book about the Jackal, PI. At first she laughed at him and brushed him off, but later agreed. There were some disagreements and laughs during their discussions and story ideas. Jason wasn’t too pleased when he first heard about Spinelli writing this book.

Spinelli also worked with Sam & Jason to find more information about Theo Hoffman. During the month, Sam was thinking that Spinelli didn’t want to work with her anymore. Spinelli just needed something creative to do. She assured him he would meet a great girl, because he was a great guy.

Spinelli started to help Brenda plan her wedding to Sonny, even if at first he was against the marriage. He hired a wedding planner. Later, Brenda & Spinelli discuss how hard it must have been for Sam to lose her own child (when really talking about her own loss)

Spinelli also shared scenes with Lucky (and even one with Siobhan). They thought that maybe Jerry Jacks was Alesander’s father. (Later this turned up not to be the case).

Spinelli also was working with Carly, who was still out to ruin Sonny & Brenda’s wedding. She would wait for the perfect moment to tell Sonny that Brenda had a baby. (Like women don't have babies every day or something...)

At one point Spinelli and Mikey discussed the weather while standing on a sidewalk.

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