Friday, May 13, 2011

Spinelli recap 5-13-11

Thank goodness for Spinelli being on todays episode...

Spinelli comes into the penthouse to see Sam laying on the couch. He wants to know where Jason is. Sam says she shooed him away, that she can take care of herself. Sam is worried about pushing Jason, Spinelli wants to know if the surgery was a success. Its too soon to tell. Spinelli thinks they will be excellent parents.

Spinelli knows she can take care of herself, but made her tea. Spinelli offers to take on more at work. She says just because she had the proceedure, doesnt mean she will have a baby. its not just her decision. He brings up her brother. Spinelli says Jason made decisions to protect his child. Spinelli says Stone Cold will embrace any child put in his arms. He says not to let the fear interfear with having a baby. He says Jake can not be replaced, but thinks Sam will be a great Mom.

Dante calls Spinelli. Spinelli has access to know what she was saying in the car, vie the radio. He also breaks down the car, so they can not get away. Carly wants to know if they have the right house. Spinelli wants to know if he doubts him. The picture in the frame is not Lucien.

Brenda bangs on the door. She wants to know where he is. He thinks she means Jason, who he says isnt home. Brenda says she is his mother. She has a right to know where her son is.

Brenda wants to know where he is. She is begging him. He says Mr. Sir is doing everything he can and will keep him safe. She figures out that Dante & Carly are with Sonny.

Spinelli says he doesnt have exact details. He knows Sonny & Carly willl return with her toddler. Spinelli thinks he may not wanted to get her hopes up. Brenda just wants to be there when they find her son. She knows he is very good at his job.

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