Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spinelli Feburary 2011 recap

By Valentine’s Day, the good old overly used plot point came to Port Charles, though it did include Spinelli’s wonderful snarky hatred for Dante (love that). Lulu remembered Spinelli was her friend, of course it was purely for selfish reasons because she needed his help, and Spinelli being Spinelli, went and shared his heartache with Dante (and Mikey) so Lulu could plan a special surprise (gag me).
That night he spent it with the Valkyeri at Jakes where he found out that Carly was not the one trying to sabotage the wedding, and Sonny wasn’t listening to her warnings about Brenda and the baby. It was now time to step it up.

A different day, Carly informed Spinelli that she would expose Dante & Brenda at the wedding. Hanging out with someone who has mastered the art of lying, Spinelli did manage to lie to Jason & Sam why Carly really stopped by the PI office, but of course St. Jason knows Carly like the same black t-shirt he wears every day, and told her not to try and pull anything. Then did what he ‘does’ best ordered Spinelli to get back to work. Spinelli was to compare Alesander’s DNA with the suspects.
During the month there were more PI fantasies and more getting ordered what to do and when by Jason. Spinelli was still curious to what Carly was going to do at the wedding.

Spinelli saved the day (as usual) and found the true identity of the Balkan. Let’s face it Spinelli truly is the mastermind and hero of Port Charles.The Balkan was Theo Hoffman and Alesander’s father.
Spinelli escorts (or one could say her bodyguard) Molly to the wedding after finding her hiding in Diane & Alexis’s office and learning the truth that Theo is the Balkan. At the wedding is also, very sadly he made mends with Dante. =(

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