Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Challenge

We have offically surpassed our Father's Day goal. We wanted to donate 5 totes in honor of the dad to be, but only one day into the challenge, we've already hit our goal! Amazing! Think we can double that? If we do, another generous anonyomous matcher will donate 5 totes. Whatever you can give is great and will help provide comfort t...o kids in need. This isn't a donate X amount for it to be matched challenged. This is simply about getting 5 totes, so donate $1 or donate $5--it all counts towards the goal of getting 5 more to be matched.

Need more motivation? Here's a clip of Bradford talking about what kind of dad Spinelli-- and he-- would be.

Bradford is already a wonderful father to this little guy. Huck is very luck to have Bradford & Kiera as his Daddy & Mommy as will his new little sister (whenever she decides to bless the world with her presence)

More information can be found here


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Anonymous said...

I did not celebrate Father's day this year. Actually I was out of town for summer camp. And I just wish my father on phone.....

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