Wednesday, July 27, 2011

GHFCW 2011 Recap

Some may say Bradford & Brandon’s event left the PG or PG13 zone (though I don’t think it did). But since I don’t know the age group of this blog nor do I want to offend anyone who may find certain topics to be too racy. I also don’t want this recap to end up on other sites that will twist the words I write or not understand my sarcasm, and or the guys...I will edit so none of that can happen.

It’s been 3 years since I have been able to attend FCW (basically to put it another way would be the last time I was at FCW was when it was at Sportsman...which is where it was held again this year) It was strange and exciting to be back. Many friends I have met over the years no longer watch the show (though they should start again) and or just cannot afford the expense (it can get quite costly) so both reasons are perfectly understandable. So that was the strange part, but at the same time I was able to meet many new nice people.

To some FCW is about the actors, celebrating the show...and while sure both of those reasons are legit, to everyone I know it’s about seeing friends you have made because of a specific actor, character and or couple on the show. I am a people watcher. I enjoy seeing the 'crazies'. They aren't just in cyber world, they really do exist. It makes me giggle.

Some highlights:
Becky gives credit and gratitude to her fans for getting her job back. Actually, many of the actors kept thanking the fans for watching (ok they always did, but much more sincere & different this time) and know it’s because of the fans they get to do what they love to do...and get a paycheck. And as someone who thinks the JaSam vs. Liason wars are lameo, especially when it turns into one side bashing the actor vs. character (both sides are guilty of this)...Moving on!

Mr. John Ingle got a standing o from not only the fans but his fellow cast mates. I can't say the same for Jill Farren Phelps (the cast did though)

Kimberly had someone to meet on the luncheon day, but refused to leave. Bradford & Laura also had to duck out earlier (Laura actually was there a lot longer than I would have thought) but there were announcements prior to the actors coming out on stage that Laura & Bradford's time was limited (so I didn't even bother going to either line) but Kimberly wasn't mentioned in that announcement and she stayed until the very last person who wanted to see her and or JT did. (Many actors stayed till the very end, it’s not required---nor is them actually showing up, but with one of their bosses there & not wanting to disappoint and its wise in my opinion to at least show up for a little bit (most do if they can).

Port Chuck rocked the house. There were at least 500 people in that room, including some of the boy’s families & friends. Scott even put his two children to work. His daughter was putting wrist bands on everyone, while his son was showing people where they could sit. Leslie Charleson was there and I heard that she wasn't the only one (but I forget who else was said to be there.... Brianna may have been one of them) but the only one I for sure was Leslie to support her TV son. Aww cute.

It was nice to see the guys on a bigger stage...and lets just say Bradford being Bradford took full advantage of this.

Every time someone mentioned Bradford being a new Dad, there were cheers & he had the biggest smile on his face.

At Bradford & Brandon’s event they came in holding hands (skipping sort of) and set up a picnic of just wine (aww cute) Fans were toasted for coming, being supportive, etc.

Avi came to talk about and show clips of Cupid & Eros (check it out if you haven’t) And I was told briefly of a story idea regarding season 2. Hopefully more funding comes in and there will be a season 2 because I want to see it. =)

I guess there is something called a ‘push’ gift (which like no woman in the room heard of before) but Bradford got her an electrical apple (which of course was basically turned into being dirty) and Kiera got him a 4 cord baby song book so he could play for Juna (and Brandon broke out into a lullaby but changed the words…but don’t ask me what they actually were…I can however say it was a funny lullaby)

“YAY story” Less hyjinks (his words which ironically is what many fans have been waiting for) for Spinelli or perhaps even Jackal PI. Think lost & darker. Sounds like we may actually find out what’s wrong with him (I assume why he is Jackal PI) which in my opinion is about time as I think all of Spinelli’s friends under Guza’s reign suck. Jackal PI takes a dangerous turn, he loses it a bit…There are challenges ahead. Bradford is looking forward to us seeing them.

Look for Port Chuck to play during the MDA telethon over Labor Day weekend. (As a nanny & a aunt of an infant I would love if Port Chuck made a kid song album)
Lots of praise for Garin Wolf this week (and not just from the boys) seems everyone is working and everyone is involved and people who normally don’t work together are. Seems studio has life in it again. Lots of hope and lots of people looking forward to going to work.

If Port Chuck is headed your way, go check them out (though sadly I am sure the cost is one of the reasons some can not go even if they are near where you live). You won’t be disappointed. and to keep in touch when Bradford may be coming to YOUR town and or check out Coastal Entertainment (site and or facebook page)

Looking forward to next year already! (Pictures to come hopefully within next few days in a different topic as this one is long)

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