Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spinelli recap 7/28/11

Writer: Michael Conforti (I LOVE seeing Garin Wolf's name as head writer, that will not get old for awhile)

Jackal PI & Maxie are in sewer. He doesn't think its a big deal she lost the ring, as Morgan is loaded and can buy a new one. Maxie goes into her usual what 5 minutes of why that ring is important and why they need to find it. Maxie is on laptop.

He never figured Morgan for domestication. Maxie explains why people get married, even people who first meet who find each other annoying when they first met. Maxie explains that soul shapes pinned together, becoming a better person. Blah blah blah. Jackal isn't interested. Maxie says the friendship turned into something more. Something wonderful and unexpected. Jackal PI says don't tell me you fell for it. Maxie said he was wonderful man, kind and had an amazing mind. (um I thought Jackal PI remembered all the Spinelli memories???)Funny, smart and braver then he ever knew. Jackal PI wants her to get over it, he is sour eyes. Jackal PI said the guy just wasn't into her. She says yes you were. You loved me.

Jackal PI claims he has had a lot of dames and not to take it personally. Maxie says thats not true, she was the first and only as far as she knows. Maxie says just because they didn't get married, doesn't mean they didn't love one another. Maxie says they were just as much in love when they were non-married. He says if that were true, how did she end up with Patch over at GH. Maxie says they were on a stakeout, his first. Maxie says they kissed. She said that he got mad at her, not because she invaded his personal bubble...but because he thought he didn't learn anything from the courses and the 46 rules. He corrects her and says 49. He says its common knowledge (notice 'Spinelli' ism there) Maxie said even though he had chlorformed himself he still saved her from the killer. He said all in a days work, onto the next case. He can't afford to get tied down. She says but he did get tied down. She says it wasn't love at first sight. She hated school, but then he decided to teach her about all these beautiful things, and then one night they became the beautiful things. She quotes the poem. He goes to mock it, then she yells at him saying it was romantic how he purposed on top of the roof. She gets called sugar lips again. She yells at him that she is Maximista. He looks at her. She says Spinelli. (notice the Spinelli-ism again)

She says Spinelli again, is that you? She just wants him to say something. He sees icing, he licks it. Says its evidence. He says they must be working through down there. He claims it tastes different from the ones he took (really regular ones from bakery and ones stuck to the nasty sewer wall would taste different? Good to know) He wants her to try it. He thinks she is watching her figure. She says she isn't but has a personal trainer and does pilities 6x a week (there's that Spixie with # 6 again) He says gotta keep a good form to catch a guy. She says what? No. He says she is blonde and blue eyed dime a dozen. She says you don't think I'm toned? He says when a guy wants something they go after it. He says he wonders how much dope runs through this place. She says he better not try to kiss her again. He says you want to know how to tell if a guy is really into you? He kisses like he means it not like he wants it or he needs it but like he means it. All she says you really don't think I look toned?

He is going on about what to do. She doesn't want him to leave. She says he can't leave her until he finishes helping her. She wants to know if he heard that. He is behind her with his hand covering her mouth.

He thinks its the cupcake people. She thinks its maitnance men or sewer people. He wants to go find out who it is. She stops him saying he isn't going, he already got shot by crazy Lisa. He says she can play nurse again. He says a man has to do what a man has to do, its rule 38. The bars come down (he is now holding laptop) Maxie says YES. He says that noise better be that she knows how to get them out of there.

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