Monday, July 25, 2011

Spinelli Recap 7-25-11

Maxie is playing secretary for Jackal PI. She is on the phone when he comes into office...and hung up on who she was talking too. Maxie goes on a 'quiet' rant saying she is not his secretary, his assistant or even Maxine. She calls herself Maximista & says she is someone who cares (well Jackal PI kisses her). She gets frustrated that he kissed her again. He says he had to shut her gorgeous yap somehow. He cracked the case. Maxie wanted to know how. Jackal PI said he scoped the guy at the bakery. Jackal PI thinks its Johnny Z. He said he moved the cameras and a few minutes later he came out with a very suspcious package.

Maxie runs over to tell Johnny that Jackal PI is coming to kill him and not to let him shoot himself again. When he knocks she goes to hide. He sees AZ with the goods and he is happy that he caught him with them. AZ says with baked goods? Johnny says they are just cupcakes. Maxie is making faces from hiding spot. He then says he thinks. Jackal PI says yeah very incriminating cupcakes (again I am sick of that stupid toothpick) Johnny has a confused look on his face.

Jackal PI wants him to spill the beans. He says he will tell Morgan to go easy on him. Daddy Z is confused. Jackal PI explains. Johnny thinks he made a mistake. Daddy Z goes along with story. Daddy Z wants him on his side. Johnny tells Maxie to get out there. Johnny tells her there is nothing going on. Johnny tells him his father is making a joke out of him. Jackal PI says they are still going down. He tells his sweet cheeks they are leaving. She wants him to stop calling her that (oh so do I, so do I) Maxie thanks Johnny for not hurting him.

We need more Bradford/Bruce & Bradford/Brandon scenes...if you agree let his bosses know

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In other news on todays show...Well that blows that Helena learned quickly that Dante was indeed a spy vie Lulu...I was hoping *though I knew she wouldn't) would do what Helena does best and basically serve him for breakfast to Lulu. Oh well. Gotta keep the faith that someone in Port Charles will eventually make him fishy food.

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