Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Being a Bradford Fan in 2008

I was going to do one of those BEST OF 08 lists, but I couldn't think of anything that Penny or Spikey hadn't already covered. Instead, I thought I'd just comment on some things I really enjoyed about being a Bradford fan this year.

1. Turns out, the dude can sing. Like, for realz. Like...for real for realz. I mean, I never doubt Bradford's ability to successfully succeed, but it never crossed my mind that he would be adding ''singer'' to his awesomeness. I bought the Itunes version of My Funny Valentine and sat back, in awe. Once I had it on my Ipod, I let my mother have a listen without telling her who it was. She was like "I like this! Who is it?" I told her "THAT SPINELLI GUY!" (sorry, she didn't know his name and I don't know if she would have understood the coolness if I hadn't phrased it like that). She proceeded to take my Ipod away from me and listen to the song a few more times.

2. Bradford's has some friggin dandy fans. They are a feisty, intellectual bunch who appreciate a great actor and wonderful character when they see one. I have had the pleasure of getting to know some of them this year as we campaigned to see more of Spinelli and Maxie on GH and he should be proud. There are of course the wonderful people on this blog who deserve a lot of notice for being so cool. Also, you cannot mention great Spinelli fans without bringing up Jenna over at Opposite Attraction. She works so hard to help organize Spixie fans and I don't know where we would be without her.

3. Bradford is kind of...well...Really Cool. I was impressed by the way he treats his fans. Whether it be by messaging or blogging on his MySpace or traveling to dozens of fan events in order to connect with them, I appreciate his acknowledgement of supporters. Not every does takes the time to remember the fans, and anyone who does gets a cool point in my book. All of those fan events means time away from his own personal life. There is also Camera Ready. He allowed the cameras to follow him for a long time and we fans really appreciated getting to know him in a new setting.
4. By going to FCW this year, not only did I get to meet Bradford and Kirsten, but I got to take a trip of a lifetime with my sister to California. That was at a time in my life where I desperately wanted to go on an adventure, so thanks Bradford for giving me an excuse. I was thinking for months how I wanted to take a vacation, and that was perfect timing. I got to stand on Hollywood Boulevard with the hustlers, street performers, and other tourists with my sister at my side. For a person, like me, who has dreams of success in Hollywood, the first time you actually go there is one of the most surreal moments you will ever have, all because of what it represents. I stood there, amongst the chaos, just in awe. There was the Kodak Theater and the hand prints in concrete, history mixed with the clutter of hundreds of people clamouring get around. I wouldn't have been there if I wasn't going to FCW. So, I guess it pays to be a nerd on occasion.

5. I had some help with homework. Seriously. In my Media & Society class, we had to do a blog about product integration. The first thing that popped into my mind was the Campbell's Soup Heart Healthy promotion that happened on GH in the Winter, with Maxie and Spinelli investigating the TMK in the background. Also, in the same class, I had to write an essay on vertical integration (google it). Lucky for me, I knew how Disney owned ABC and therefore Soapnet, ESPN, etc, etc. So, I had some understanding of that. I got an A in that class!

6. In honor of Bradford's birthday Defy Convention was created, a totally boss message board, and I was really excited to be apart of it, though Spikey and Nami did most of the work. I think I had more fun making promos for that board than anything else this year, just because it was so much fun to tease people about our secret project. I think the board is a great resource for anyone who wants a vault of information on Bradford, with all the interviews and photo shoots right at your fingertips. I love it.

7. Campaigning is something new to me. I haven't ever written in or called a fan comment line for a show or anything before. Spinelli and Maxie appealed to me, though, and I found myself caring so much that I wanted to help out. That being said, I have to take time to speak about some really cool things some other fans did this year. KC sent in 200 Spinelli/Maxie post cards. It still amuses and amazes me. Also, earlier in the summer, fans rallied together and sent several bouquets of flowers to various people on and in charge of the show. I thought it was a really cool gesture for them to also send flowers to Carolyn, the actress that plays Diane Miller on GH, because Diane told Spinelli to "Carpe Diem". It's the little things in this fandom that really amuse me, and taking the time to consider other people beyond the obvious ones you want to support shows lovely spirit. Bradford should really be proud of his fans, but I've said that already. The Daisy is now the unofficial symbol for Opposite Attraction, the Spixie fan board.

It was a good year, and 2009 might just be as exciting, if not more so.


Penny said...

That was beautiful. I almost cried. I would have. had my husband not been in the room.

Lindsay_007 said...

LOL aww penny! no tears. jeez.

nina said...

thank you for sharing. i can't believe i've been following bradford's work for a year now. just wow.

Lindsay_007 said...

Nina, it has felt like a shorter amount of time, has it not?

Jenna said...


Lindsay_007 said...

Jenna! SupahFAN!

Penny said...

sorry Lindsay . My husband mocks his wife the fan girl.

Lindsay_007 said...

d i v o r c e


Jenna said...

Penny, doesn't that qualify for grounds of a divorce?