Monday, January 5, 2009

The Jackal is happy...Today

I have thought and thought what I liked the most about today. It was The Jackal's smile. He was so happy to have his own little fan girl. So I will take that with me. I will hold that in my heart to carry me through the next two weeks If you have watched the promo. You know that his smile will be gone soon. Smile sweet and enjoy this moment.

Then we could talk about Maxie's jealously. You could see the steam coming out of her ears it was so thick. Maxie has good instincts but its being masked by her very thick jealously. She really said "My heal in your face.."

Now lets bring up Winnifred. Spinelli magically knew her name. We know nothing about this girl. Well ok some of us to do but still. I can just say I really enjoyed the exchanged today. The actress impressed me today, I have a hard time expressing what it was but she did. Speaking of the actress if your interested in knowing more about her visit her site. ( I am sure you will realize you have seen her before. She has got quite the long career.

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