Saturday, January 10, 2009

Calm, and then a Storm (Play By Play)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Spinelli and Maxie walk into the living room (she's in a robe) all giggly and cute like they just had the best time evah.
Spinelli says that that night it was proof of the wonder of life. He woke up that morning and had no idea the day would end so wonderfully.
Smiles and giddy hand-holding. He's just in awe of life and she's glowing. She leans in, and says they have cemented their bond and no one will come between them, not even Winnifred. Spinelli gets a bad look on his face. He pushes her arms off of him.
He is horrified and tells Maxie she didn't want him at all. "You were staking your claim. Making love to me was a means to a selfish end".And they're off!
Whooooooa Bradford has that scary look in his face I've never seen before. I told y0u guys, if Spinelli ever got REALLY angry, he'd be the most terrifying thing on the planet...and thats kinda how he looks now. Dang.
Maxie asks, "why are we even talking about her?" They should be blissful. Spinelli replies that Maxie is the one who brought her up.
"You weren't thinking of me," he says. Maxie was thinking of Winnifred, that's why they had sex. She didn't approve, so Maxie manipulated him. Maxie looks really taken aback and on edge. She wants to know why he keeps saying "You" and not "Fair Maximista"...Yup, that's when you know Spinelli's pissed...he drops the names.
Maxie explains that she just wanted him to know that we're the best. Spinelli interrupts her, angry now and not playing.
"You solicited sex just to get what you wanted". Maxie replies that she just didn't want him to make a mistake. Spinelli is in tears. He turns to leave.
She looks desperate, like he isn't grasping the concept. Spinelli is in the doorway, thinking with his back to Maxie.
He turns slowly.
"Why didn't I realise what little esteem you hold of me" he says darkly, turning back to her. Spinelli says that Maxie thinks he is childlike and someone that can be maniplated.
Maxie's tone starts to change and you can hear the defensiveness. She tells Spinelli that everyone knows how brilliant he is, but when it comes to people and social things, yup he is childlike. Spinelli darkly states, "Please clarify".
Maxie goes for the jugular, bringing up Jason as an example of someone who uses him. Spinelli doesn't like that because he doesn't see Jason as using him. Maxie corrects him, saying he is sweet but naive, and Winnifred is being manipulative too. Spinelli snaps back with, "Thats perhaps the most insulting thing anyone has ever said to me". Considering he's been called a freak, that's a pretty powerful statement.
Maxie and Spinelli go back in her bedroom. "I didn't use you" she reiterates. Spinelli is done playing. He starts saying really painful things that sound more like his darkest fears and less like his own real thoughts---Things like she only keeps him around because she knows he's devoted to her. She only wants him around to be her tech support to save her job, like with the Crimson packages in the spring.
Aww....these are insecurities coming out into the light, but he's using them as verbal weapons. this isn't the first time you used me. He says the moment Maxie thought his devotion would be split she had to sweep in and seduce him just to get him again. Maxie is now tearing up.
"If you think I'm that shallow, you don't know me at all". With the stuff he is saying about his devotion, Maxie might be developing a small light bulb of realization about how he really feels, but not a bright light just yet. Just my opinion.
My BABIES. Let's talk it out, loves. ...Calm before the storm...And...Now...Maxie....Goes....OFF.....
This is the best paraphrase I have: "How dare you. Do you think I would have talked to you just for tech support? I could have had any guy help me with my computers that take less effort than you. You want the truth? I put up with you because I felt sorry for you. Georgie loved you and I pitied you. I slept with u because no one would ever love you. I guess it's true that no good deed goes unpunished. I guess that's me. I tried to be a nice person (by sleeping with him). I've wasted enough time hanging out with you. I'm done with you. Unlike you, I actually have my own life".
During all of this, Spinelli is staring off with his back away from her, in tears. All he says when she is finished ranting is "Done".
He grabs his jacket and walks out. Maxie slams the door and crashes into it, falling, in tears.
They've got it bad. And this hurts so good. I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...They've got it.
Later, Maxie is at her apartment looking over the journal Spinelli got her for her birthday, the one with all the fun facts. YES!!! Spixie get their very first flashback.
This one is to the scene at the hospital where he gave the journal to her. It plays out again wonderfully, and I teared up. I'm not the only one, as Maxie is crying over her journal too. Johnny and lulu come in kissing and happy in love, oblivious to her being upset until they finally break apart..
Maxie looks up from her book and says that she found what she was looking for, the flower of regret. Johnny and Lulu don't say anything, confused. Maxie wipes her eyes and closed the journal, standing to leave. She says she's messed it all up, but this time shes going to fix it.
Meanwhile, Spinelli is on the docks, sitting sadly. Maxie arrives with flowers. He turns to look at her and then feds show up to arrest him. Wow....
Folks, I want a cookie. I sat there and copied word for word what they said for most of this as they were saying it, so this is the most accurate recap I've ever delivered for you. I didn't want anything to be lost in translation.
And I'm sorry...with angst like that, the kind that they create all on your own, you don't DUMP IT for a quiet, calm, fake, forced, lifeless pairing. No one is that stupid, so you just HOLD ON soldiers.
Today is the most painful episode in Spixie's history...and yet the most solid proof I've ever seen that they are the next supercouple. I'm biased, but I'm also realistic. You don't get stuff like this everyday, or every decade.

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