Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's getting hot in here? Well, well now!

*Screencaps in this recap are of a steamy nature.

Bradford, prepare to blush. ;)

After a fight earlier in the day regarding the motives of Winnifred, Maxie summons Spinelli to her apartment. She opens the door to him. He doesn't want to fight anymore. She swears the stuff is true about Winnifred and he turns to go, not wanting to hear anymore about the subject, but she pulls him in the apartment.
Maxie goes on to tell him that she isn't as perfect as he thinks she is, and that he's important to her. She pauses and says he's her best friend but he's more than that. Spinelli says "how much more?" ...Maxie replies, "I need you,". Mr.
Spinelli doesn't hesitate...doesn't stutter...doesn't squirm....He goes for it and they have another one of those really, really ridiculously AMAZING KISSES like the one in July.
This is where you guys can debate...What Maxie told Spinelli...was it an act, or the first time she's ever told the truth? After the kiss, Maxie leads him to the bedroom. He wants to know if she's sure that she wants this after there last sexual encounter. She says she is.
They go for it...we get her taking his shirt off (hears screams of NSync fans of days past) ...They lay down on her bed, making out very sexily. Can I just say that this was highly, highly impressive? It's not every soap couple that can actual kiss and look good doing it.
Just as things start to heat up, a voice over of Agent Raynor of the FBI starts speaking to Winnifred on the docks...Damian Spinelli is going away for a long long time...They have evidence of his treason and espionage...
The show cuts to Winnifred the Fed speaking with Raynor. She looks sad. She tells Raynor "I don't think he understands what he does is a crime"
Raynor reminds her they are using Spinelli to get to Sonny. Cut back to Spixie in bed, lights are low, they're under the covers. If you listen carefully, a million Spixie fans collectively sigh.
I've seen some awesome things today. Some fans who only wanted Spinelli and Maxie as friends switched sides. Some people got a little romantic with their significant others, "inspired" by today's scenes. That's what soaps are supposed to do...bring you love in the afternoon. ;) Kudos to Bradford and Kirsten for bringing it home today with one of the best love scenes this show has given us in a while.
I don't know what the future holds for this couple. I expect things to get messier as motives are questioned. I can only hope its a romantic future, especially after the reaction that I witnessed amongst fans. If you can deliver a quality love scene like today, that's something that shouldn't be messed with, because they are a staple of soaps. This is lightning in a bottle, folks. You are witness to it. If you love Spinelli and Maxie together, I would call the comment line and write the show. These sort of opportunities to seize chemistry at its peak only come along once in a while. Don't let it pass you by.


Jenna said...

I know what we have been spoiled and what is coming, but I fully believe Maxie meant every simgle word she said today. She may not have realized it at the time, but I think after all that happend after those beautiful words of poetry that sprang from her lips to his ears...are true. And I think once they get out of bed, she realizes this.

Now, we just have to wait for the next time...

Kudos to Bradford & Kirsten, and Mary Sue Price (I believe she wrote today's episode)

Rene' said...

I cringed that Maxie told Spinelli that she "needed" him and not "wanted" him - big difference one word can make.

However, even if Maxie's motives were less than altruistic in the beginning, I think she's going to realize that what she did, and felt, was more real to her than she thought it would be - especially after Spin is ripped from her so quickly after the fact. She's going to realize her true feelings for him.

At least I can hope...because that was one STEAMY HOT scene - yum.