Friday, January 9, 2009

Hold on to your hats its going to be a bumpy ride.

First of like me get this out. (warning fangirl alert)

OMG OMG OMG eeeeeeeee OMG OMG. (Penny fans self) I am sorry but that was one of the hotest sex scenes I can recall. Bradford even surpised me. Who knew. I have already called the comment line (hint call:323-671-4583) twice requesting Bradford spend more time with his shirt off. one more time.

How beautiful is that

Ok now back to the Topic at hand.

I can't sit here with out warning you all. Its going to be hard. Like really really hard. I feel it going to be hard few weeks not days. Weeks. don't expect the dust to settle on this till we are into February.

edit to add I added a different video to right side bar. enjoy.---->


Jess said...

Hey Penny,

Thanks for posting the clip. I was wearing out my TiVo buttons watching it over and over (and over in slo-mo) again. My husband thinks that because Spinelli is geeky that my hot, steamy crush on the sexy piece of meat, Bradford, is nothing to be jealous of. Bwwaaaahhhaaaaahhhaaaa!!!!

I am completely dreading what is about to happen to Spin. And knowing Bradford, his facial expression alone is going to make me bawl like a baby every day until it's over. I'm holding on for the bumpy ride...

Jess said...

Oh my, did I call Bradford a piece of meat? I didn't mean that. I was just getting a little hot thinking about him. He's a human being...with feelings. Speaking of feelings, I'd like to feel him. And smell him and run my fingers through his hair. When I meet him again next month do you think it would be weird and fanatical if I subtly put my nose in real close to his face and took a big whiff?

Oh lordy, I need to get off this computer and go do something productive. Breathe. Breathe.

Jenna said...

Someone please tell me I am not the only one doing a happy dance?

Lindsay_007 said...

LOL Jess!!!