Monday, May 16, 2011

5-16-11 Recap

Writer: Michele Val Jean

Brenda is going crazy that they still haven’t heard anything. Spinelli has confidence in them. He sticks up for Carly. Spinelli says to Brenda, as long as her son comes home does it really matter who brings him? Brenda still wants more information. Spinelli didn’t give up information. Spinelli doesn’t think his opinion is relevant on whether her son is safe with Sonny, Brenda disagrees. Spinelli basically says he is a good father, and will do everything he can to give her son a happy and healthy life.

Spinelli walks in on Sam reading his novel. She is enjoying it. He brought her a gift for her & Jason to share together (romance mood enhancing stuff).
Sam & Spinelli talked about her finding out that Alexis being her mother. She talks about losing her daughter (again). She is overwhelmed. She is unsure if she wants to have a child. Spinelli tells her she would be a wonderful mother. He says he knows bringing a child is a monumental decision. He apologizes for overstepping. She appreciates his support and says he is a good friend. Jason calls Spinelli to find something on Jax because he wants to fight Carly for custody of Joslyn.

Jason comes in (Sam reading novel on couch) and Spinelli is looking for information to use against Jax.

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