Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 4 and May 13 Spinelli recap

May 4 and May 13 Spinelli recap

Spinelli found Diane snooping at his office. For my sanity, he didn’t believe that she was looking for a pen to write him a note (in which he picked up a container of pencils on his desk). He then started to get snippy with her. She then tried to pull off she wanted an update on the Brandon case, in which Spinelli’s lips were sealed. She tried to change the subject to the novel. She said they needed to start the sequel, and wanted to go through his cases. He informed her they were sealed for a reason. He brushes her off and says he has to work; she leaves and of course now is thinking he is hiding something.

Spinelli was at Sonny’s with Dante helping them track down Suzanne. Brenda comes in and started to demand what is going on. Sonny doesn’t want her involved as she is too emotionally attached. Spinelli later located Suzanne. She was in San Antonio and took money out of Theo’s account.

Once Sonny and Dante left and Brenda returned, she apologized and basically started to beg for information. He did let slip that Carly went with and that she may have reason to rejoice soon.

*Now that recaps are all caught up for 2011, they may come weekly vs. daily/monthly*

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