Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garin Wolf named headwriter of GH

Soaps In Depth, Soap Opera Network, Soap Opera Source, and etc are all reporting what we all have been dreaming and praying for, for a while now. GUZA is out. While I hate to see anyone lose their jobs. I think its way past time. Its time for someone who understands history, actual storytelling, characters not being on everyday, love, adventure, friendship, family, have characters tell the story vs. plot points.

Garin Wolf is in. Remember Garin Wolf? He has been on the GH staff for years, but named headwriter during the writers strike. This man seemed to understand telling the whole story vs. plot points. He also wrote for everyone. Stories weren't as predicatable (remember when Jason didn't play the hero for once?)

Another good thing is it was the start of Spixie. Remember the sewers? I'm sorry drain storm?

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