Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spinelli March 2011 Recap

Seemed like it took a few weeks before Spinelli went to visit Sam at the hospital, or be there for moral support for Jason (quick recap Sam was put in the Sonny & Brenda’s limo at the wedding and it blew up. Think Lily style.) Spinelli was reading Sam tales from the book he & Diane were working on, while she was in the hospital recovering. Jason should have realized by now he would of course be a character in the novel. He wanted Spinelli working to find Brenda (who had been MIA since the wedding) instead of writing the book. They made a deal…he could use Jason in the book if he found information on where Brenda was.

Spinelli figured out that Suzanne (her alias name) was not only married to Theo, but also Aleksander’s mother. Jason & Spinelli shared this information with Suzanne (who agreed to help save Brenda…I forget but somehow Suzanne & Theo are let go) and of course Jason is still seeking revenge for him almost killing Sam. He demands Spinelli to find him.

Jason was getting impatient as Spinelli continued to look for information on Theo’s whereabouts. Theo had a connection with the Trujillo family (whoever they were), but turns out they were being loyal, they refused to help Theo and gave him Johnny’s name.

While Jason was on his ‘errand’ Mikey stopped by the penthouse. Spinelli spilled the beans that it was about Theo. A call from Bernie came in about a shipment, Michael convinced Spinelli that the guys could handle it and not to bother Jason about it.

Spinelli showed concerns to Sam about her headaches. Jason gets back to the penthouse; Spinelli fills him in on Sam. Abby shows up to tell Jason what she thought Mikey was up to, Spinelli says he must have overheard him on the phone with Bernie.

Many episodes after Jake’s death we finally got to see Spinelli comforting Jason. It may have been a short scene, but my favorite part was Jason knowing Spinelli was going to hug him and basically invited him in for the hug. Spinelli offered to help find the driver, but Jason said the police could handle it. This was also the day that Spinelli received his copy of the finished book. Spinelli felt the book was insignificant, but Jason didn’t want to delay the release.

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