Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spinelli April 2011 Recap

While it may have been raining almost the whole month of April in some states, in Port Charles they were suffering a Spinelli drought.
There was no April fool’s joke in Port Charles this year; Spinelli actually shared scenes with his old flame Maximista. He went to Crimson to tell her about the book (where he found her with mourning Lucky). Maxie and Spinelli gave each other many compliments. Bradford & Kirsten proved yet again they still have the magic and they still sparkle on screen together. She admitted she would always love him, and he admitted she was his inspiration for the novel. Maxie was going to write an article about his book in Crimson.

Spinelli was not interested in celebrating the release of his novel when his best buddy was grieving the loss of his son. He found out from Sam that Jason was being questioned for Brandon murder. (Not watching and wondering who Brandon is?, eh don't worry about it.) Spinelli quickly was looking for evidence to prove Jason was innocent. Maxie showed up and she had set up a book signing for him with Diane (yes that’s right Spixie fans…TWO days of scenes). She even brought him an outfit to wear. Maxie & Sam convinced him to go. Did we get to see all the ladies adoring him at this book signing? Sadly, no =(

Several days later, Spinelli was not willing to help Dante speak to Jason about the ‘Brandon’ case in which Jason was the primary suspect (though Dante believed Jason & Mikey were both innocent of the crime.) Diane lets Spinelli know that the novel was a huge success. She believed they would be asked to write another one. Spinelli said some of his files/cases were far too confidential for publication.

Then Spinelli went MIA for 17 episodes (aka the rest of April. While yes some could agrue time is different in fantasy land, 17 episodes is still 17 episodes.) I am thinking he was hired by the Queen of England to be head of security at Kate & Will’s wedding.

Looks like come June the drought may offically be over, things begin to bloom for our Spinelli.

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