Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6/22/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Susan Wald

Jackal tells Maxie she is a sight for sore eyes. Maxie says he was incredible, the way he dropped down and saved her from Lisa. She said taking a bullet that was meant for her was beyond heroic. Jackal says he just lucked in trouble. She doesn't know how she will ever show her gratitude. He wants more kisses, calls her sugar lips. Maxie says the joke is over, doesn't have to talk like that. He says he told her his name is Jackal PI.

Maxie tells Spinelli he is really cute when he does that voice. She just wants to know he is ok. She wants him to drop the act and talk to her. He says its no act sweet face, what you see is what you get. Jackal PI in the flesh. Maxie wants to know if he has amnesia. He explains what happened. He said he should have tackled that crazy dame. He said he got a slight to the chest instead, he apologized. She said he was wonderful. She doesn't know how she will ever thank him. He says its just part of the job, kitten. He remembers going down, Morgan (and whatever he called Dante) busting in. He says after that its a fog. Maxie tells him that Lisa Niles is in a coma. They don't expect her to make it. Jackal says well that's justice for you. He says although he owes her one, as after all she brought out the real him.

Maxie says this is strange. She thinks he had a stroke or a concussion. She wants to get a doctor. He says her baby blues are the only medicine he needs. Maxie is going to ask him a couple of questions. She asks him his full name. He says Damian Milhouse Spinelli (he says something but again with the accents, no clue what but I get he made fun of it) as Maxie says she happens to like it. She asks who he lives with. He says Morgan, Jason Morgan. Enforcer to the big enchilada Sonny Corinthos. Maxie says good so far. She wants to know when he first kissed her. He says she has it wrong doll face. She was on a case with him, text message killer. He says she spotted a car and to cover their tracks, she planted one right on Jackal PI. He says he felt a jolt, like he stuck his lips in an electric socket. Maxie says enough about the socket. She asks what happened on September 24, 2009. He says they didn't get married but had an after party. He says he likes the dame just as much as the next fella but no one holds a candle to her. He says she made him a one woman, man dollface. She asks why they broke up. He says she took a walk on the dark side with Franco. He says he would have hung in, but you (watched several times still not sure what he said) She sits back down. She wants him to name one thing that no one else would know about her. He says she is making this too easy, calls her kitten again. He says the cute little freckles on her caboose. he says once they looked like the consolation (?) Maxie says only he would describe them that way. He says its like real estate. Location. Location. Location. Maxie looks at him puzzled.

Maxie listens as Jackal says he droppd in landing on his feet. He says the broad had hostages. Matt is also listening. Matt says Lisa fired the gun? Maxie tells him what happened. Jackal says that it didn't sit too well with you, dollface, did it? Maxie says it really upset her that she was calling him pathetic when it was obvious that the only pathetic person in that room was her. Jackal says he sticks his neck out for no one, but for you I make an acception dollface. Maxie says you saved my life Spinelli. He says again that his name is Jackal PI, buttercup. Matt thanks him for saving Maxie. Spinelli says that he saved his baby he says so he guesses they are even. He said the real hero was enforcer Morgan. He said something about Dante and the crazy dame. Maxe excuses them for a minute. Her and Matt leave. Maxie is worried. Matt says the tests show nothing. Says he is healthy. Maxie says he woke up with this bizarre personality. Matt says since when has Spinelli ever been completley normal? Matt brings up when Spinelli was Austriallian or the night. Matt says he will be ok, and he has rounds. He will be back.

Maxie runs back in and asks how he is doing. He is hankering for some chow and a shot of whiskey. Maxie says if he had a shot of whiskey he would fall down drunk or be completly naucious. Diane comes in. She says thank goodness you are ok, I just heard the news. Spinelli says if it isn't his favorite red head. He asks how the book buisness is cookie. Diane wants to know if he just called her cookie.

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