Monday, June 20, 2011

Spinelli recap 6/20/11

Writer: Tracey Thompson

Maxie is telling Spinelli that Robin, Patrick & Steve are going to take care of him. Lisa wants everyone up. Maxie says she can not be serious she just shot Spinelli in the chest. She says he needs help because he is going to die. Lisa says the next bullet is going to her, as it was suppose to go to her in the first place. She says she is happy to rectify it. She tells the doctors they have once chance and to make it quick. Steve wants to be able to stabilize him. He says they need to call someone to help them. She wants everyone to sit down. Lisa says the next person who touches Spinelli or disobeys in any manner, the next bullet goes straight into Spinelli's head.

The 4 of them are just sitting there while Spinelli lies dying. Lisa says they already discussed the charges and now its time to give the evidence. Patrick tells her that she is a good doctor and she isnt just going to let a innocent man bleed out. Patrick just wants to help him, as he knows she doesnt want this on her concious. She says actually he spent months telling her how twisted she is, calling her a kidnapper, stalker, blamed her for ruining his marriage, she says someone who is that vindictive cant possibly have a concious. Steve says she isnt that person, not deep inside. He says she got lost. He wants to help her. He says this doesnt have to end badly for anyone. Lisa chuckles and said to stop with the pyscho babble. She says there is no amount of therapy going to give her her life back. She says just like the no amount of pleading is going to save Spinelli. Maxie is crying. Patrick says this is about him, he wants to help Spinelli. Lisa says we already established that SPinelli wouldnt be in this position if it wasnt for Maxie. Maxie says she did not make her pull the trigger. Lisa talks about Maxie's judgements, talking bad about her for hours. She says she is the judge and the jury. She says they are back in session. Patrick gets up. He says fine, I am guilty. Let Robin and Steve help him. Lisa says dont try to be the hero, we already established you are a selfish coward. She says she does believe in due process, she says she will give him a chance to defend himself before she renders the verdict. She says the prosecution now calls Dr. Patrick Drake to the stand. She does the swearing in. Robin cuts in and says that she doesnt even want to hear the truth. She says she was asking for her benefit as she thought she would want to hear it. Patrick says says he has nothing to hide. She asks Patrick if he ever loved her.

Lisa tells Patrick that its a simple question. Did you ever love me? He says it was college. He wanted to get through med school, no time for relationship. She asks if thats how he feels about Robin. He talks about Emma is the best part of his day. She says if the home life is so perfect why was he spending so much time with her. He said they used to be friends, and they were hanging out, catching up. He also said he was giving her mixed signals. Lisa tells him to tell the truth or be held in contemptive court.

Steve says there isnt much he can do for him, but says that someone must have lifted the lockdown. Lisa says that just means time is running out. Maxie just tells Spinelli to hang in there, that help is coming. Lisa says nothing would make her happier then to put a bullet in her heart (Robin's) Lisa says since he cant answer the other question, she asks if Robin is boring. Patrick says marriage is challenging, he says she isnt boring. Lisa says for a brian surgeon you arent very bright as it would be smart to humor the lady with the gun. She wants to see if Steve can do any better. She asks if he thinks she is a capable surgeon. He says there is no denying her skill in the operating room. She wants to know why he threatened to fire her. He said he couldnt afford her personal problems compromising patient care. Lisa wants to know about Robin and Patrick's personal problems. She says everyone in hospital knew about them. Steve says they were never arrested for attempted murder. Lisa brings up all the times Robin accused her of some outragous charges and how they were always dropped. Robin says because they never had enough evidence until now. Robin says her Uncle Mac is going to make her pay. She wants to know if Steve ever considered to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Steve says when they slept together he tried to not left it effect his abilty to run the hospital. He says but he take full responsibilty for letting the lines get blurred. She is pleased someone is willing to. Steve says he likes her. He says he really did. He says one of his biggest regrets is that he didnt help her more. He says he should have stepped in sooner. Lisa said she asked for a testimony not his pity. Robin says she asked for the truth and then never wants to hear what anyone has to say. Steve admits he thought maybe Robin over reacted a few times. He says thats how good she was at covering her tracks and manipulating the situations. He says its sad she really is a gifted doctor and now her career is over. She says she is the judge. She says its time for next witness and holds gun at Maxie.

Lisa wants to know at what moment Maxie decided to destroy her life. Maxie wants to know what answer will get Spinelli help. Robin tells her to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. she says the only help Spinelli will be getting is another bullet to put him out of his misery. Maxie says she knew Lisa had an agenda right from the start. The way she flirted with Patrick, talking about whole time. She says Robin gave her the benefit of the doubt because she is a decent person. Maxie says the truth? I'm a lot like you, I used to play the same games to get someone elses husband into bed, thinking they deserved better. She says she invested everything and came out with nothing, just like her. She says but thats where their similiarites end because she became a stalker, as she picked herself up and moved on she goes on to say after 1 drunken night with Patrick she lost her self-respect, her career and now her freedom. She wants to know if its worth it? Lisa just responds that she is the only one who gets to ask questions. Maxie says she is crazy if she thinks she is going to get out of there. Lisa says who says I want to get out of here? I am having a blast. She laughs.

Lisa says she calls Robin Scorpio Drake to the stand. Robin doesnt see the point, as Lisa will twist everything anyways. Lisa says she would never hurt Emma. She says its not her fault she has them for parents. Patrick interupts and Lisa says this is Robin's time. She wants to know if the babysitter gave her permission to take Emma. Robin says you mislead her. Lisa just wants an answer. She says she had permission to take Emma for ice cream. Lisa says she brought her home safe and sound. Spinelli starts to act up. Steve lifts him up so he can breathe. Robin asks if she admits she is wrong, can this just be over?

Lisa wants Steve back in his seat. Steve says he can't do that as his lungs are filling up with blood. Patrick gives him a pillow. Robin wants her to let them go. Lisa says trial will continue whether witnesses are breathing or not. Phone rings. Maxie is ordered to answer. Dante wants to know if everyone is ok. Maxie says Spinelli was shot and that he is bleeding really bad. Lisa says you tell them court is in session. Dante wants to make a deal. He wants to know what Lisa's terms are.

Lisa says nothing they can deal is going to be good enough. Steve says it will be her only chance. Patrick says she has to let Spinelli go. He says it will proove to police she that she didnt intend to kill anyone. Lisa is shocked that now he wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maxie just wants her to tell them what she wants to Spinelli can go. Lisa mocks Maxie. Lisa says she has what she wants, her day in court with all of them. Lisa says anymore interuptions and Spinelli isnt the only one who dies. Maxie says she is serious, says please dont call back and hangs up.

Lisa is standing over Spinelli. She kicks him a few times. Maxie wants her to stay away from him. Robin gets up. She says she has no idea how it feels to watch someone you love die, powerless to save them. Lisa says she pulls out the HIV card any chance she can. She wants her to sit. She says we all know your stupid sob story. Patrick wants to make a closing arguement. He says this isnt the person he knows. That this isnt the person he cared about in college, who used to be fun, and caring and always up for a challenge. He says she can still be that person. He wants her to put down the gun and walk out the door. He says he will walk with her. He says but first he has to trust her. Lisa has tears now.

Lisa says bravo. She says she almost believed his performance and them remembered how he could convince any college girl out of her panties. He is very good when he wants something. She says happy men don't cheat on their wives. She wants him to stop now. She appreicates his effort. Patrick really wants to help Spinelli. Lisa says she has reached a verdict.

Lisa says for her it was just sex, just two co-workers having sex. She says its really no big deal, it happens all the time. She says they are all found guilty for scapegoting. For blaming her, for their inabilities for life. She says their punishment is death. She fires her gun and then--in bursts Jason firing his gun. Maxie screams Spinelli. They want Jason to put gun down. Lisa is now holding Robin. Patrick is holding his arm. He wants Jason to just do it. She pushes Robin into the room and then runs. Dante tackles her.

Maxie is holding on to Spinelli's hand. She says they are getting him help. Robin goes to check on Patrick, who was grazed. Steve says he is in shock. Jason knows that means they don't have much time.

Gernee is in hallway, they get him there. Matt is going to operate. Maxie says Lisa was going to shoot her, she says he has to save him. She tell tells Spinelli he will be ok and that Matt is going to save him. She says he knows she wouldn't be able to take it, if anything happened to him.

Dante is the worse cop EVER. OMG who doesnt cuff her??? Seriously hope he gets fired and shipped back to Bensenhurst. She got up and had needle to Robin's neck telling Patrick to convince her not to kill her.

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