Thursday, June 23, 2011

6/23/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Michele Val Jean

Maxie (in super cute black and white dress) is knocking on penthouse door. She is looking for Jason. She gets Sam. She explains to Sam what is going on.

Jason walks in holding his laptop. He is using a prezel as a toothpick and reading the newspaper. Jason says he is glad he is ok. Jackal says hiya Morgan. Jason says what? Jackal says its good to see him, but he isnt complaining about all the cute little chickedi's rolling in and out there. But he says a guy needs a little mano ah mano time. He wants him to bring him up to speed. Jason is just looking at him strangely.

Jason wants to know what he is doing. He thinks he is practicing being in character for his next book. He says he is the real deal. Jason says whatever this is, it needs to stop right now. He says they have problems and he needs him to focus. Jackal puts down the newspaper and says problems, the breakfast of champions. Jason says he got a call from Bernie. He asks if he knows who Bernie is. Jason says there is 20 million missing from the off shore accounts. Jackal says inside job? Jsson says that is what he is suppose to tell him. He said tracking money, handling transfers is what he does. Jackal says he must be pulling his leg, he is no keyboard jockey. Jason says are you telling me you don't know how? Jackal says he has no clue.

Jason puts the lap top in front of him and says to open it up and try. Jackal wants to know where the handle is (he can't open it) Jason says are you serious? Jason opens it up for him. Jackal says thats mildly interesting. Jason says Spinelli a lot of money is missing and he needs to find it for him. Jackal says how much smackers, gets cut off when Jason says smackers? Jason says 20 millon. He says if he doesnt help him his entire organization will be compromised. Jackal says he feels for him, Morgan. He wishes he could help him out, he feels for him. Jackal says he needs one of those tech guys. In walks Maxie & Sam. Jackal says doll face you came back. Maxie wants him to stop calling her doll face. He wants to know why McCall isn't at the office, wants to know if she has any cases that she needs Jackal on. Maxie wants to know why he hasn't fixed him yet. Jason pulls Sam out to hallway.

Spinelli is staring at Maxie. Sam is on the computer with him. She wants to know if the gps system to track cheaters looks familiar to him. Sam is trying to get him to focus. He says it looks like another language. He tells Maxie she looks like she is sporting ??? (again with the accent) she wants him to stop staring at her legs as its creeping her out. Sam brings up something up. Its the video game. Jackal thinks its clever. Maxie tells him he invented it. He says it does not seem possible. Maxie says the saga of stonecold. Says he made a lot of money. He asked her what she is doing Friday. Maxie says see what I mean? Sam says so none of this means anything to you? He says its computer talk, its news to him. He says Jackal PI does not sit hunched over a machine, he is a man of action. He says he looks death in the eye (he was doing this come hither look to Maxie)

Sam wants to know if he wants to go over some cases. Jackal says they have to branch out to do things that are a little more juicy. Sam is surprised. He wants to know why. Sam says you have been really considered with me taking chances lately. Aren't you concerned about me getting pregnant anymore? Jackal gives her a look.

(again with the accent, but basically something about wasting something and her perigotive) Jackal says a dame has got to do what a dame has got to do. Sam says really? Sam says what about the buisness. Jackal tells her not to get hysterical. He says Jackal PI will take on the mean streets solo.

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