Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spinelli recap 6/21/11

Writer: Nathan Fissel (aka one of my other favorite script writers)

Maxie is holding Spinelli's hand when they want to come take him in for surgery. Maxie tells him not to give up. Maxie, Dante & Jason watch as the OR doors close.

(I need characters to stop saying Spinelli fell, he totally jumped)

The doctors & nurses operate on Spinelli. They got the bullet out. Enter Jackal PI.

While they continue to operate (his vitals aren't good). Jackal stands over him. He asks what is wrong with him. He said (something about) the fight of his life. He says so you took a slug, big deal. He says thats one of the hazards of the profession. He said you saved the girl, didn't you? He says she is some dish by the way. He says its time to rally if he wants to make it for the second leg of this man of danger triathlon. He tells him to make it through the surgery. He tells him he has to wake up to see those baby blues looking down at him (It is so much easier for me to hear/understand what 'Spinelli' is saying even with the words I don't have any clue what they mean vs. the Jackal accent *I have trouble with a lot of accents though so I think it would just be me, so if thinks are exact, sorry. I am stopping and rewinding several times when I am recapping here* He says that the dame will express her undying devotion. He tells Spinelli its time to man up, pal. The surgical team has a heartbeat and he is stabilizing. He tells Spinelli that he knew he had it in him, champ.

Maxie is sitting in the room with Spinelli (Sam & Jason look on) Maxie tells them that they wouldn't believe how brave he was. She says he fell from the sky at the same time as Lisa was going to shoot her. She says he was like a hero from one of those old detective movies. Cue a Jackal PI fantasy of Maxie in Jackal McCall PI office. Jackal says he has places to be. He tells her to breeze off. Maxie turns him around and says he saved her, that has to mean something. Cue back to Maxie holding Spinelli's hand telling him he is the bravest man she knows. She says Jason has nothing on him. Looks at Jason, and says no offense. Jason says none taken. Sam wants to go and give them their privacy. Sam says if she needs anything to call her.

Maxie tells Spinelli she should have kept her mouth shut vs. provoking Lisa. Maxie says she was just so pissed at her. She thought for sure she was going to kill her and then he came flying in to save her. She tells him he was so brave. Back to fantasy (Maxie pulls Jackal's tie and says he saved her life. She says she is there to thank him. She wants him to show her how he feels, knowing he has it bad for her. He says it was no big deal. He says he sticks his neck out for no one. He is the only cause he is interested in. He turns around. She says come on Jackal, you know I won't be able to sleep unless I can express my gratitude *arms around his neck* He says well fine. He says express away, sugar lips. And dips her down in a kiss.) cut back to Maxie kissing Spinelli. And he wakes up. She says welcome back hero. He says keep it coming doll face. She wants to know what he just said. He said that the kiss was stronger then whiskey. She wants to know if he is feeling ok. He tells her, his name is Jackal. (and a few other things I couldn't understand even after watching/listening 3x)

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