Monday, August 22, 2011

8/22/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Michele Val Jean

Jackal PI is laying on the ground with a chef standing over him about to beat him up. Maxie is dragging Lucky behind her...Well Jackal PI was going through everything at bake shop and making a mess. Lucky tells the guy to let him go.

Lucky thinks he knows the baker . He offers to give him a discount if he keeps the nut job away from him. Maxie says you see what I mean? Maxie says he is sick in the head (so where is the professional help he needs that you claim he doesn't? This isn't being a good caring "so called" friend) Lucky takes off to go by Siobhan, stops to look at his pill bottle but then Elizabeth called.

He sits down next to the dumpster so he can stay focus. She wants to know why he is doing this. If the mind isn't focus it takes the mind someplace where the puzzle can't be solved. There Maxie goes again calling him Spinelli. Maxie claims she has tried everything she could think of to get him back (Maxie would have tried sex) He says he is right there sugarpants. She says but you're not really. He is staring off into space. He says he is not her geek. She saye he never was her geek. She says he was just different. Almost looks like Jackal PI is having a seizure. She says she took them every different place that they wound up (er except for Jakes, the warehouse, the morgue, her bed, his bed, Georgie's grave, the steps where he found her & Georgie, Kellys, where they got married) She says she even got them stuck in the storm drain which she never wanted to see again. He is struggling (she does nothing) he says back to the scene of the crime. Maxie says losing what they had, that was the crime. She didn't realize how much until right now. She says they were stuck in the Crimson office. She said when the storm was happening she had to suck it up and see what she would do to get him back (clearly not sleep with him) even just a piece of him. Jackal PI says he doesn't do it for her does he. Maxie says he was hitting on Lulu right in front of her calling her moonlight and beautiful and saying she looked great in a dress that I wore better (er thats your opinion and he is entitled to his...just sayin). She says she was willing to take that chance to see if anything would reach him and remind him of who he was. What we had together. Maxie gets up. She says she is starting to think she only has one more shot at this. She helps him up. He doesn't want up. He says he is on a stakeout. She wants him to forget about the stakeout and go with her. He gets up and asks where they are going. She says he will see. She takes his arm and guides him off.

He wants to know why they are there. He doesn't know why they are there. He says he knows its a people plot. Maxie says its a cemetary. She says she goes there often, though she wishes she didn't have to. He says its not ringing a bell. Maxie says the landscaping has changed a little bit the the last time they were there. He reads the name and sighs.

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