Thursday, August 25, 2011

Port Chuck recap

While I have many fun memories of Vernon Hills: Zanies (and I'm super sad to see its closed), I am extremly happy that the venue for Illinois changed. Very happy we were not in the 'tiny' Zanies at Pheasant Run but an actual ballroom. Though the room was hot, I loved that they baragated the platinum tickets. Yes, it was sectioned off. We had tables. 8 tables of 8 (though I dont think each table had 8)....Oh and we were allowed to move around...aka closer to the stage. I could breathe, I had a smidge bit of elbow room, I could see. The staff was super friendly (well some were from Zanies they are awesome too), but basically I didn't feel like a sardine. Who-hoo!!!!

I was at a table with all people I had met at their last stop in Illinois, well minus one lady who was new (but with some of the ladies). It was her first Port Chuck show...and her first time meeting Scott, Bradford & Brandon. I love watching fans interact with them, especially if its their first time.

I clearly talk about Bradford's wardrobe options a little too much (but fyi its not just me guys who does it...but I probably the most vocal about it), yet again Bradford & Brandon brought it up on stage. Though I shouldn't be one to give someone fashion advice, I guess I go into 'protective kid sister' mode with Bradford, I want him to shine like the rockstar that he is. Brandon & the camera dude (sorry don't know his name) were wearing like rambo bandana's around their heads...And Bradford was wearing his Jackal PI type hat (he and Mo both wore them during FCW)

Set list per how I have it:
Walk This Way
Pour Some Sugar On Me
some honkey tonk song where I totally plugged my ears like a 5 year old
Billie Jean (Bradford did Michael proud)
American Girl
No One Like You (Bradford lead)
Rock the Box ???
We Were Born This Way
Knocking On Heavens Door
Hellejuiah (sp)
In The End
Dontcha Want Me Baby (Bradford lead)
Come Together
I'll Be There For You (this tours serenade song)
Don't Stop Believing (Bradford lead--I tell ya he needs to go play Kurt's boytoy on Glee)
Devil Went Down to Georgia
Rock and Roll all Night
Jessie's Girl

Pictures to come soon!

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Lori said...

The ?? was Long Train Coming. The beat box one is called White Lines.