Thursday, August 25, 2011

8/25/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Kate Hall (who is she???)

FYI this marks 4 days in a row of Bradford being on our screens. I approve. Do you? If so, let his bosses know.

Jackal PI is talking into a tape recorder in the ally, he opens up the dumpster and hops in.

Max sees the trash all over the ally. Jackal PI calls him Bruno. Max says he is not cleaning that up, he wants to know what he is doing. Jackal PI says working. Max reachs in and grabs him to get him out. Something with Jason, something with Sam. Something about drinking beer when Diane cancels on him. Jackal PI back in dumpster. Someone is coming, Spinelli grabs Max and they hide. All we see is white legs throwing away a trash bag. He tells Max to pop a squat that it was going to be a long night.

Diane scares Max & Jackal PI. They are speaking that book again. STOP PIMPING THE BOOK already. Diane says they need to be practical. Max wants to know what that means. Jackal PI says it means she just isn't that into you.

Diane says he can't come along. She uses Jason & Sonny as excuses. Diane doesn't want him to wait for her. She thinks it makes most sense. He wishes her luck on book tour. She tells him to take care of him self. She tells him to have light beer. He leaves. Diane wants Jackal PI to distract her. He has no leads, but he tells her there are no doorbells. He says people look down when they pray but he says to look up and you won't miss anything at all.

Diane laughs at his tape recorder. He makes a note to look something up. Diane says he doesn't have to...She gives him the history. Phone rings. She gets up and leaves. Jackal PI says this isn't the original recipe.

The flour bags say Luzetta's. Jackal PI says starlight, starbright, the first star I see tonight. He seems fascinated. One has the word star on it...the other not so much.

FYI this marks 4 days in a row of Bradford being on my screen. I approve. Do you? If so, let his bosses know.

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