Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8/23/11 Spinelli recap

Writer: Nathan Fissel

Jackal PI doesn't understand why he is there. Maxie says its a special place for her, even though Georgie is gone. She still feels close to her. Maxie is hoping that Georgie can help him.

Maxie says wise Georgie, thats what you used to call her. Maxie thinks it was a perfect name for her, as she was the wisest person she knew. Jackal PI thinks its a game to use her dead sister to get to him. MAxie says she knows he doesn't want to be with her. She feels like no one no one is going to be there to stop her when she starts to drift a way. She reminds him that he feels that way too. Jackal PI seems confused. Maxie just wants him to reach out.

Maxie said when Georgie died it changed everything for her, it felt like a part of her died. Maxie couldn't stop thinking why her (er don't worry all these years later I am still asking GH why her, why her). Maxie says it didn't seem fair, it should have been her. She says she should have done more. Jackal PI says he doesn't think thats possible, doll. She says your not? Jackal PI says she has been giving him the third degree for weeks trying to help him. He says if she fought half as hard for her sister as she is for him, he assures her she did all she could. Maxie says she didn't fight for Georgie, she didn't do anything at all. (During all this we do see glimpses of Spinelli trying to peak through)

Jackal PI tells her not to worry her pretty little head. WHats done is done. Its in the past, move forward, dust yourself off and get back to the mean streets. He says sounds like your sister Georgie was a real sweetheart. She says sounds like? She says you knew her, Spinelli (here we go again with the Spinelli talk). She was your friend, she meant something to you, she meant a lot to you. How is it now that she is just a name on a headstone? Why can't you remember how much she cared about you, me, everyone? Why can't you feel anything? You are suppose to remember important stuff and Georgie is important stuff. Jackal PI stops her, he doesn't think she should be getting like this. She says why? Woman don't do this in that fantasy world you are living in? He says no. He just doesn't want her to allow herself to get upset because of the problems she has with her ticker. Maxie stares at him. We see a Spinelli glimpse of a look.

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