Friday, April 17, 2009

Can I Get a Little JaSpin, Please?

Is it just too much for me to hope that in the midst of all this Jackal angst that we might get a little JaSpin comfort? Remember the good ol' days when Jason and Spin were there for each other? When Spinelli was Stone Cold's grasshopper, but, just as important, Spin was there for Jason during his "secret pain?"

I guess I'm supposed to realize that Jason still cares for Spinelli by the emotionless good deed of helping he and Sam get set up in the P.I. business. For Spin's "safety." I would have rather had a good sit down between the two of them with Jason actually seeming to care about Spin's feelings. I know, I know, the odds I'll win the Powerball are probably better.

It seems the only interaction we get these days is a command from Jason for Spin's tech services or a slap on the wrist for playing with "big boy toys." After Spin's absolutely gut-wrenching and painful break up with Maxie, we didn't even get the usual Jackal breakdown in front of Jason, followed by a reprimand from Stone Cold to basically "get over it and get back on the laptop." Either he's maturing or Spin has finally learned his lesson that he isn't going to get any sympathy. He'll just suffer alone in his regrettably pink room.

Come on, Guza. I know it's not directly mob related, but can a gal' get a little JaSpin? Jason is in the mob, and Spinelli lives with him, so it's kinda sorta mob related! Please? Is it so much to ask that Spinelli have ONE constant relationship in his life that doesn't cause him pain and humiliation?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I noticed Spinelli doesn't get much sympathy not only from Jason but everyone around him. I would expect to see maybe a one on one conversation with Lulu or Sam but we got nothing.

Anonymous said...

It's sad. Spinelli is ALWAYs there for everyone else. Why can't someone show compassion for him?