Monday, April 13, 2009

The Jackal's World shatters. ....AGAIN!

Why I ask you does Damian Spinelli keep having females in his life that disappoint him. Some examples of this...

  • Allusion to mother issues
  • Realizing Sam's involvement in Jake's kidnapping
  • His Lulu crush
  • Jolene being a serial murder
  • Maxie being skanky Maxie.
The guy can't catch a break. He gets so close to the brass ring and then his world comes tumbling down.

Friday's episode started of with Spinelli talking to his client Tracy out the case she had him on to find out more about Ethan.

It was a great scene. I love Tracy and the Jackal together.

Happening at the same time a bomb went of in Maxie's and Lulu's apartment. The bomb that was set the night of the blizzard when Maxie started to slowly go insane.

Poor Lulu's heart was broken. Johnny being the wimp that he is broke it off with the orginal blonde one. The bad blonde one made it worse blaming it all on Lulu. Poor Lulu. I so wanted to give the girl a hug

Well after that slithery Johnny and insane Maxie ended up at the docks right near Spinelli's forgoten cellphone. Well poor Spinelli retrived his cellphone just as Maxie and Johnny kissed. ugg. Why do the writers hate my Spinelli so? Why was Maxie all worried that Lulu would ruin her 'thing' with Spinelli when she can do a better job herself ?

that was the look on my face too Spin. Why Maxie WHY?


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly! The writers must really hate Spinelli. I don't understand why Maxie was so concerned that Spin would find out the truth when she has done everything to hurt him and break them up herself. She had every opportunity to walk away from Johnny and didn't, this is after Johnny admitted he will not leave the mob and doesn't want to. Not to mention I thought he was kind of threatening Maxie to keep quiet about Ric and his secret or else! What a stupid woman.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Poor Spinelli. That was all I could think of on Friday. And I felt terrible for LuLu,just the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her with her friend had to hurt. Neither Maxie nor Johnny/Yawny are put in a very good light at the moment(not to mention Johnny is a real sucky kisser and I'd say that even if I didn't ship Spixie) I don't understand why anyone would want them together. Hopefully Maxie realizes exactly what she lost when he boots her to the curb.

Jess said...

It's just killing me to see Spin so hurt. :-( But he's going after the wrong type of girl. He really does need someone like Winnie (yes, I did just say that).

Anonymous said...

@ Jess

No way Winnie is so much like Spinelli they could be twins separated at birth, it's creepy. Besides enough people don't like Spinelli so I don't think the show can have two geeky characters in the long term. Maxie deep down is not a bad or evil person just one that has been hurt a lot and hasn't been able to really love someone until Spin. I think her feelings for Spin terrify her so she acts on destructive impulses.