Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dankies, last days to vote..

Tommorrow is the LAST day that you can vote for Bradford and Spixie in the Dankies final --best in SOAPS..

Beginning way back in Sunday, January 04th, 2009, visitors were encouraged to nominate their choices in a series of categories. From all the nominations made, a final ballot containing the four top vote-getters in each of the various category. These final ballots were placed up for vote for each soap between Sunday, February 08th, 2009 and Sunday, March 08th, 2009.

Now, all of the winners from each soap have been placed on one final All-Soaps edition of the ballot. Fans from all soaps are encourage to once again vote for their choices and help us determine the best of the best of the soaps from 2009.

The winners will be announced after balloting concludes on Sunday, April 19th, 2009.

Here's the results for General Hospital, which put BA in the finals.

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