Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Gun Saga

Spinelli's character has a long and strange history with guns on General Hospital.
There was his Hostage Crisis stage where he was terrified of being handed a gun by Jason. There was the time he shot himself in the foot on Night Shift. There was the time Georgie showed him how to properly load Jason's gun. There was the time he went to the firing range to practice. There was the time he stole Sonny's gun to get revenge on Russian thugs who messed with Maxie. Note, he never fired it.

Today, again, he had a "gun" moment. Jason found one in the box of goodies he intended to take to the new PI office. He even made a comment about whether or not having a broken heart would make him a better marksman. I don't know about you, but I found that strange. So, the observant fan in me has to wonder why they constantly reiterate two things: Spinelli has a fascination with "looking powerful" and packing heat seems to be a part of whatever vision he has of what that means. Secondly, they reinforce Spinelli's ineptitude with firearms.

Now, if I was a gambling woman (and I am, Blackjack baby!), I would suspect that this is important to his character. Is Spinelli doomed to being shot? Will he kill another, accidentally or intentionally? Could he simply be at the wrong place at the wrong time and look guilty? What about something out of left field...a gun can do many things. Or perhaps it's just another thing GH likes to mention but never explore when it comes to Spinelli.

Maybe this is just GH's way of insisting upon the idea of Spinelli's incompetence. Or, are they really trying to insist upon his humanity? Is he the type who could kill without remorse? No, not at all. Jason often tells Spinelli the importance of his innocence in the ways of taking another person's life--how killing someone doesn't prove you are a man, and often does the opposite.

Is it simply a metaphor? And if so, of what? Manhood, good guys, impotency, heroes, self esteem? Pick any one of them and it can be a reference to Spinelli at the moment. The resonance is there, with many different directions to go.
Is there an inevitable climax in this cat and mouse game between Spinelli and guns? If so, what could it be, and what would it mean for the character?


Anonymous said...

I think,if he were to shoot someone,even accidentally it would be to protect Maxie or Jason or someone.

Also...last year Spinelli went to the hospital alot,although not because of a gun. Perhaps he does get shot--and survives.

Lindsay_007 said...

I keep thinking theres going to be a 'be careful what you wish for' moment for spinelli...he's been so hell bent on 'manning up'. i mean, he DESPERATELY needs to act his age, but he doesnt need a gun to do it.

Anonymous said...

^I think Spinelli has this idea in his head that the only way he will be desirable to women is if he knows how to use a gun. He's been doing fine for awhile but I think seeing Maxie kissing Johnny on the docks brought that back.

I think he could be shot or accidentally shoot someone and have to deal with that. It really isn't something I could see Spin getting over easy if he knew he'd shot someone and I don't think it would matter to him if they were bad or not. But most likely scenario is he gets shot again.

Anonymous said...

I don't read too much into the gun thing because it makes sense that someone in the PI business would carry a gun. Remember he thinks/ hopes he will do a lot of field work. As far as him shooting someone I hope they don't take Spinelli in that direction, because I don't think he could live with himself and I think many fans would turn on him. Even if it was an accident I think it would be the last straw because he's done other stupid things in the past, and this would just reinforce that he never learns from his mistakes. I think the gun thing was just another chance to make Spinelli look like a child in need of protection.