Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you say essential person one more time I am going to scream ....

It all came crashing down yesterday.

My already cracked Spixie heart was shattered.

Spinelli confronted the slimness that is Johnny and Maxie.

He even punched Johnny (and Penny cheered)

I can give you brooding and I have better hair then him.
Maxie realized she may lose her essential person and Spin told her to stick it.

now I understand what they mean by loose lips sink ships
Then our brokenhearted hero proved he still cared about Maxie by threatening loser Johnny.

I don't know where I stand with Spixie at this point. I really think Spinelli has had enough. Maxie is going to have to kiss a lot of buts before I see her worthy of the Jackals affections. Someone commented in the last recap that he needs someone like Winnie.. Well he doin't need Winnie but he needs someone that cares about him as much as he cares about them.
caps from spixiegirl27


Michele said...

I really liked Spinelli getting assertive, particularly with Johnny...And I think the Maxie confrontation was inevitable, considering where the writers have taken the duo....
I really began to enjoy Spixie and then - boom - the writers destroy them....I guess that's just the nature of soaps...
I agree that they need to pair Spinelli with someone who appreciates him.

VanessaK said...

I loved yesterday! One of the best Spinelli days ever because Maxie has soooo had it coming. He said everything I've wanted him to say since Maxie's other personality has come out after the ILY's. MY heart pretty much shattered but my respect for the Jackal came back. I really hate to see him as a doormat and he totally redeemed himself.
I'm not giving up on Spixie. Maxie will fight and fight hard and as long and she doesn't change personalities on us again I believe Spixie happiness is in the future.

Jenna said...

Kudos once again to Michele Van Jean for writing such a good episode.

Maybe I'm a bit weird (Im ok with this), but this Spixie fan LOVED the scenes yesterday. Spinelli said everything that needed to be said. I am very much looking forward to where each character can go from here (and together of course)

Anonymous said...

They're tearing them apart to put them back together I hope. This needed to happen because Maxie took Spinelli for granted always assuming he would be there. She needs to do some reflection and fix whatever emotional problems she has before she can be with anyone, no one would put up with the stuff she's been pulling.

Jenna said...

Couldnt agree more with what Anonymous said