Friday, April 17, 2009

SOAPNET performer of the week..

Performer of the Week: Bradford Anderson as Damian Spinelli. Watching Bradford play the soul-crushing hurt in his scenes with Maxie this week brought home (once again) what a great performer he is. He even sold us on Spinelli threatening Johnny -- we didn't think he could scare anybody, but if we were Johnny, we wouldn't take that lightly.

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Gary said...

When you see Bradford do scenes like that it also makes you realize how unreal he is playing Spinelli the way we mostly see him.

How he mostly plays the part is not easy. The scenes this week were more natural and grown up. So people sometimes think their more award winning type material. Although their great, I beg to differ.

How Bradford is able to make Spinelli the geek seem so cool to many is what makes him awesome. I doubt one other actor in Daytime TV has that ability. Bradford would win Best Supporting Actor hands down if the process was about all the material and how the character is portrayed by the actor. Not just about 1 episode.